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a night of 4 love birds ❥

…when I got home from nannying today, I went for a walk with my mom.. I knew I wanted to get some exercise in today, but I didn’t want to go get all messy at the gym and then have to get ready again before a night out- so, a walk was perfect! I love going on walks with my mom, because she’s the greatest person to talk to.. I always get the best advice from her, and she is always so loving and nice about everything.. she’s so incredible!

Upon coming home from our walk, I had to get ready quickly and throw an easy meal together before I left with Haley (cousin), Landon (her bf), and Beau (my bf). I quickly made this yummy turkey sandwich. Quick things like this are always so good arn’t they? This open-facer had: whole-wheat bread, mustard, turkey, havarti cheese (all toasted a few minutes), and lettuce. It was delicious and just right to hold me over until the best part of the night… Fro-yo!

My frozen yogurt/Petite Treat/celebratory food, for my tumblrs 1 month Birthday! Woohoo! This was soo yummy! I got non-fat cheesecake yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, coconut, and a little bit of mochi (which is so good on fro-yo by the way!)

Here’s the group at the end of the night! We had a good time! We went and saw the movie Fighter (which was soo good!) at the $3 theater (only $12 for all of us! Deal!) and went and got this yummy fro-yo!

All in all, it was a fabulous day and I am so ready for bed, and another great day tomorrow! Sweet dreams everyone! See you back here tomorrow for some more fun! ❤

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