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Oatmeal in a (Peanut Butter) Jar

OIAJ: a popular breakfast among food bloggers

The idea here, is that when your peanut butter jar (or whichever nut butter you choose) is near empty, you take advantage of everything that’s left, by putting your oatmeal in the jar.

I would typically add something like nuts, or banana to my oatmeal, but I was really feeling like some of that Sunrise cereal I bought the other day, so I sprinkled some of that on there. Sadly, I must admit that the cereal was my favorite part. I wanted to love this, but I just did not like it. I put peanut butter in my oatmeal last week, and it was good, but I felt like I could do without. I am pretty sure that I am just not a peanut butter w/ oatmeal kind of girl- bummer, it looks so good!

Now, I’m off to the gym! : ) Happy Saturday to all of you!

Do you guys put peanut butter in your oatmeal, like many food bloggers do? Has anyone ever made Oats in a Jar?